Dec 9, 2009

Anonymous pt2

Since my last post was about the epic dissapointment that is modern customer service. Now let me share with you my true passion and rage!

Fucking STARBUCKS!!!! What the fuck is wrong with ppl... Ok so yes they make a decent latte, if you want to spend 10 bucks on a fucking latte... And what the hell is with the sizes, I went there, I ordered a large and they asked me if i meant grande or venti, and I was baffled because grande IS LARGE, while Venti is 20. I relize this issue was covered in Role Models, but I didnt expect someone in real life to be that much of a corporate cock sucker to actually question a customer about this. I also relize that the venti is 20oz, but then why is the large smaller than the venti? I also discovered that if you give someone a 5 dollar gift card to starbucks not only can you use that as a gift but a great way to say "hey fuck you, now you have to spend 2 bucks to get a fucking coffee".

So I'm watching Jennifer's Body, and so far I have to say I am impressed. To quote the best line thus far "theyre called tits, point them in the right direction and shit gets real". Its good enough to distract me from starbucks rage.

So anyway as I was saying, starbucks gift cards int he amount of 5 dollars is the single most fantastic FUCK YOU gift of the holiday season. If you're going to waste 5 bucks, at least waste it on some meaningless piece of shit that someone might actually enjoy instead of starbucks where hey, you cant even buy a coffee for it...

In closing I relize my starbucks rage is fierce, but those corporate cock juggling sycophants at starbucks have crossed the fucking line. I will be happy when McCrackhouse drives them out of business with superior coffee at a superior price.


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